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Tony P


Tony P

Tony P has been presenting the Tony P Radio Show on NCB since 2016.  It’s Bowie first and foremost, with regular Bowie-related and other features such as…

  • A Trio Of Bowie Tunes – varying between covers by artists, Bowie’s own interpretations of other’s work, or themes on Tours, Gigs or Albums.
  • Bowie On TV – A clip of a performance on television, usually with a short clip of an interview or presentation.
  • Introducing The Band – Bowie’s touring bands have included talent worth hearing in their own spotlight.
  • On Television – Regular trawls through archived music guest spots on television from the very first broadcasts to Online only broadcasts.
  • 10Questions – Virtual interviews, with Paul Armfield, Bryan Dunn, Angelina, Luca Nieri, R.W. Hedges and more to come.
  • Bag of Dusty Old Cassette Tapes From Under The Bed – archive, lo-hi gem from the 80s.
  • Best Band Ever To Come From Liverpool/Isle of Wight – it changes each week.

Based on Isle of Wight, Tony P has plugged into the all that the Island has to offer, with live music, sessions and interviews.


Tony P,