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Colm’s Mixtape Show

presented by Colm

Saturdays 5-7pm

Colm’s Mixtape Show

presented by Colm

Saturdays 5-7pm


I remember on Sunday evenings in the early 1980’s recording the songs I liked from the Top 40 Show on Radio 1, desperately concentrating to try to hit the stop button before the talking started and then playing it all back on my second hand portable flatbed cassette recorder, with a proud sense of ownership.

Somehow putting the songs together made them mine. Then I started making tapes for friends, and eventually even for girlfriends.

Later on came house music and the wonderful idea that you could actually create something new by mixing records together. As recordable CD’s replaced C90 cassettes I continued to foist my musical blends on an often indifferent audience. The annual Christmas Mix CD became a reliable arrival on the doormats of the lucky few. Then the internet made it all too easy and the world became awash with podcasts and DJ mixes. At some point it stopped being choosing and putting together records and somebody called it curation. But before we all disappeared up our own musical journeys, NCB radio came to the rescue and offered me a show: Colm’s Mixtape was born.


It’s mission? To play beautiful, strange and diverse music on vinyl that crosses genres but somehow goes together and goes somewhere.

It usually goes somewhere involving dancing in an attempt to warm listeners up for a Saturday night party somewhere.

It always includes poetry, from Shakespeare to Tupac Shakur blended sometimes with music, sometimes performed live. And we also celebrate the visual art of music ,sharing the beautiful, and strange artwork of the record sleeve.

Please join me every Saturday between 5.00pm and 7.00pm.

Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.

Are you dancing yet?

Archive of past Mixtapes here:

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